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    Rich Heritage, Bright Futures: Paiute Youth Celebrated at Camp Kwiyamuntsi

    Camp Kwiyamuntsi 2014 was a great success. Photo collage by Jeanette Shackelford, BLM Utah Youth Program Coordinator, and Rachel Tueller, BLM Arizona Public Affairs

    For four days in August, the Bureau of Land Management Utah and sister agencies partnered with the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah to host outdoor fun and learning for native youth at Camp Kwiyamuntsi (Kwee-YAH-moonts). Located on a mountaintop in the heart of Utah’s Dixie National Forest—the Southern Paiute’s traditional homeland—Camp Kwiyamuntsi provided 16 Paiute middle-schoolers with opportunities to experience the many ways their unique cultural heritage intersects with modern science and natural resources management.

    Each day, Tribal elders and instructors engaged campers in outdoor educational and recreational activities ranging from ethnobotany and wildlife to archaeology and orienteering. 

    BLM Biologist Lisa Church taught campers about wildlife biology. Photo by Jeanette Shackelford

    Campers leaned on Paiute leader Shannan Anderson at Camp Kwiyamuntsi’s archaeology station. Photo by Jeanette Shackelford

    Campers also rode bikes, paddled kayaks and hiked through Cedar Breaks National Monument. In the evenings, elders shared traditional songs and stories with the group and taught campers native Paiute words. 

    Paiute campers kayaked Panguitch Lake at Camp Kwiyamuntsi. Photo by Jeanette Shackelford 

    Paiute youth made new friends at Camp Kwiyamuntsi. Photo by Jeanette Shackelford

    The successful annual camp is a result of the contributions of the following partners: the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Kaibab Band of Paiutes, Moapa Band, Las Vegas Paiutes, San Juan Band of Paiutes, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern Utah University, Cedar Breaks National Monument, BLM Utah and BLM Arizona.

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