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This is an official tumblr for the Bureau of Land Management. Follow the next generation of BLMers as they share their experiences on the public lands.

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    Check out our Tumblr find of the week, the American Guide.  The American Guide on Tumblr is a revival of the Depression-era guidebook series by the same name, and they just launched American Guide Week to capture images, sounds, words, videos, and designs to document the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the territories, principal cities, major regions and roadways of the United States.

    Our first dispatch is from the Holter Lake area in Montana.  The Holter Lake Recreation Area is located along lower Holter Lake and the Missouri River about 40 miles north of Helena and 40 miles west of Great Falls. Located in a beautiful mountain setting, the area offers a variety of recreation opportunities. Fishing for rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, walleye, and perch is popular. And for you history buffs out there, Lewis and Clark traveled through this area 200 years ago.  Find out how to visit at


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