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    Past studies have shown that birds, frogs, and mammals alter their tunes in noisy areas. A recent study focused specifically on grasshoppers and their mating songs, which males produce by rubbing their hind legs and wings together. The researchers analyzed the tunes, looking at frequency, volume, and length of phrases, and found that the roadside grasshoppers sang at the loudest frequency to compete with other sounds, and avoid signal degradation or masking.
    They also found that the longer the road had been present, the more pronounced the difference was from grasshoppers living in quiet areas. More research must be done to analyze if female grasshoppers have a preference in tune, which could potentially have a negative impact on reproduction.
    This study shows a direct correlation between man-made noise and specie adaptations. It reinforces the core difficulty the BLM faces of having to practice good conservation ethics and methods while development is steadily increasing.

    -Iris Picat


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