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This is an official tumblr for the Bureau of Land Management. Follow the next generation of BLMers as they share their experiences on the public lands.

All photos government work unless otherwise noted.

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    Red Mountain Wilderness 

    Wilderness is a place of untouched beauty, where its organic community is naturally interwoven, and its heart beat is untrammeled by man. Red Mountain Wilderness is about 18,700 acres, with a portion in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. Parts of Snow Canyon State Park wrap around its southern and eastern boundaries. This photo shows a portion of the Wilderness that is made up of immense sandstone mounds, with endless outlooks on the flat expanses below, and the Beaver Dam Mountains in the distance.
    In 1964, Congress established the National Wilderness Preservation System and designated the first Wilderness Areas after passing the Wilderness Act. The uniquely American idea of wilderness has become an increasingly significant tool to ensure long-term protection of natural landscapes. Sprawled over about 8.7 million acres in 10 Western States, there are ample Wilderness Areas for you to explore, each with a very unique character.
    Photo by: Melissa Buchmann; Story by: Iris Picat


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