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    View from the Top: Idaho’s Urbanized Peregrine Falcons

    On rare occasion, local bird watchers may be treated to a peregrine falcon sighting in Idaho’s Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey area during the spring or fall migration. Peregrine falcons frequently nest near water, on ledges of rocky cliffs or in this case, buildings.

    For the fifth year, a pair of peregrine falcons has been spotted fourteen stories up on the ledge of a bank building overlooking Boise, Idaho. Falcons do not build nests, but scrape a small depression to hold eggs within a nest site. The nest site must provide protection from weather and potential predators and must be in or near an adequate prey base. Nesting on buildings is an indication of how successfully these falcons are adapting to urban settings.

    You can monitor the nest box by checking out this webcam. The first two eggs are here already!

    -Krista Berumen


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