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    Spring Fever 

    As the frosty mornings give way to warm sunrises and comfortable afternoons, the itch to get on a trail grows. I have caught spring fever and am eager to get on top of Gooseberry Mesa on my mountain bike. The National Recreation Trail System will be in prime condition over the next few months.
    I first enjoyed Gooseberry’s trails last fall and was at first quite frustrated with the rock bowls and ledges. They burn your lungs, tire your legs, and often kick you off your bike. But as I rode the trails more, I began to understand how to move my body and get my wheels over the technical terrain. I am now able to find a flow on Gooseberry and enjoy the euphoria of rolling over slickrock and ducking between Junipers. So, whether you’re a master of the bowls and ledges, or have yet to enjoy them, cure your spring fever with a trip to Gooseberry Mesa!
    Story by: Tom Lilly, St George Field Office GIS Technician; Photo by: TJ Rawlings, SGFO Outdoor Recreation/Wilderness Technician


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