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    Joshua Tree Flowers.  Photo by Chelise Simmons. Rosy Two-tone Penstemon.  Photo by Jeanne Tinsman. Cottontop Cactus. Photo by Jeanne Tinsman. Desert Marigold.  Photo by Chelise Simmons. Mojave Yucca.  Photo by Jeanne Tinsman. Notch-leaf Phacelia.  Photo by Jeanne Tinsman. Desert Globemallow. Photo by Jeanne Tinsman.

    Though it has not been a bumper crop of wildflowers this spring, there is plenty to discover along Red Rock Canyon trails. With warmer temperatures came the budding and blooming of Joshua Trees and Mojave Yucca; this does not occur every year, so it’s been a real treat! Desert Globemallow and Desert Marigolds are currently brightening our roadsides and trails - watch for winged visitors such as Sagebrush Checkerspots and other butterflies visiting for nectar. Other spring wildflowers which have been observed include Notch-leaf Phacelia and Rosy Two-tone Penstemon. Cactus are slower to join the show, as many species are just starting to grow and bud such as this Cottontop cactus with brilliant red new spines. There are more discoveries to make here at Red Rock Canyon - come and enjoy a day outdoors! Visit for updates.

    Photos by Chelise Simmons or Jeanne Tinsman (identified in individual captions).


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      Photos by Chelise Simmons or Jeanne Tinsman (identified in individual captions).
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