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    To celebrate the military child, this month we will post photos and information about some of the BLM lands near or adjacent to military installations, places where military families can GET OUTSIDE and enjoy America’s Great Outdoors.

    Today, we share information about BLM-Yuma Field Office Imperial Dam Recreation Area, Senator Wash South Shore, near the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona.

    Senator Wash South Shore, about twenty miles outside of Yuma, provides around fifty acres of open space, with gravel beaches on a reservoir.  Families can enjoy a day of water fun - swimming, boating and fishing - or time together hiking, viewing wildlife and camping.

    In the photos here, taken August 4, 2012, active duty service members from the Marine Corps Air Station and their families gathered at Senator Wash South Shore for a day of post deployment relaxation and play.  The outing was one of two trial events planned for the returning service members of our nation.  Approximately 250 -300 personnel enjoyed activities such as trampolines, kayaking, water skiing, water slides, fishing, paddle boards, boating, and a barbeque.  During the outing, active duty personnel participated in guided discussion about their experiences while overseas and in combat, with emphasis on needs that could arise for service members and/or their families.  The event was considered a huge success by its organizers, the Squadron’s Command, and the BLM Yuma Field Office.


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