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    To celebrate the military child, this month we will post photos and information about some of the BLM lands near or adjacent to military installations, places where military families can GET OUTSIDE and enjoy America’s Great Outdoors.

    Today, we share information about the BLM-Arizona’s San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, near Fort Huachuca Army Base in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

    The San Pedro Riparian NCA’s 58,000-acres supports over 350 species of birds, 80 species of mammals, and 40 species of amphibians and reptiles.  The habitat richness and diversity provides families with amazing opportunities for wildlife viewing birdwatching, picnicking, primitive camping, hiking, fishing, biking, horseback riding, guided hikes, interpretive site visitation, and even weekend children’s programs.

    This historically-significant area features the intact remains of the Spanish Presidio Santa Cruz de Terrenante, a Spanish fortress marking the northern extension of New Spain into the New World. The Murray Springs Clovis Site is a significant archaeological resource that contains evidence of the earliest known people to inhabit North America. An interpretive trail leads visitors to the site. The area also features the ruins of the old mining town of Fairbank. The San Pedro House, a 1930’s-era converted ranch house, serves as a bookstore and visitor center.

    Photos:  Children in cottonwood tree near San Pedro House, Diane Drobka, BLM-Arizona; all others, BLM-Arizona.


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