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    Banana Yucca by Chelise Simmons Beavertail Cactus by Chelise Simmons Cliff Rose by Leah Daniel Blue Flax by Chelise Simmons Windmill by Chelise Simmons Firecracker Penstemon by Leah Daniel

    Even though Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area had a cool week, our wildflowers are still putting on a show with new species arriving each day. On a walk to Red Spring, the hillsides have come alive with white blooms of Cliff Rose, which were contrasted by the vibrantly red tube-like flowers of the Firecracker Penstemon. Hidden amongst the hillside in small patches were a few blooms of the Giant Four O’Clock, just beginning to open their purple petals.  As we continued to brave the wind and cold, a shout of delight had caught our attention. Once we came upon the hilltop that descended to the cool spring we saw what all the commotion was about when we noticed one lone bloom from a Straggling Mariposa Lily. The excitement continued as we arrived at the spring where we stumbled upon a field of Pretty Shooting Stars. These charming fuschia-colored flowers seem to thrive in wet soil along with another moisture-loving species known as the Stream Orchid. These flowers were found in the shade of a tree where clusters of the plant were slowly beginning to open their greenish-pink petals. With more blooms sure to come and the weather getting warmer, visitors should definitely make plans in the near future to explore Red Spring area! 

    Near the visitor center and along the Moenkopi Trail many blooms are in store.  These include Blue Flax, Marigold, Globemallow, Aster, Banana Yucca, Yellow Two-Tone Penstamon, Beavertail Cactus, Penstamon and Windmill.  Visit for updates 


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