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    On Sept. 19, 1974, President Gerald Ford issued Presidential Proclamation 4315 — Johnny Horizon ‘76: Clean Up America Month, 1974.

    In anticipation of the Bicentennial celebration, Ford signed Proclamation 4315 and joined Johnny Horizon - the vintage Bureau of Land Management and Department of the Interior symbol - in his promotion of environmental stewardship:

    To date, thousands of schools; churches; youth groups; chambers of commerce; conservation, civic and commercial organizations and millions of private citizens have joined in partnership with Johnny Horizon ‘76 in a wide range of projects to create environmental awareness and to beautify America.

    Our most precious environment is the area in which we live-our city streets and rural towns-and this is where each individual can effectively exercise his responsibility. This has been exemplified by the many action projects which have been undertaken thus far across our country.


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