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    Dripping Springs Dripping Springs Lake Valley Historic Townsite Aguirre Spring Campground surrounded by the Organ Mountains


    To celebrate the military child, this month we will post photos and information about some of the BLM lands near or adjacent to military installations, places where military families can GET OUTSIDE and enjoy America’s Great Outdoors.

    Today, we share information about places managed by BLM-New Mexico  - all near Fort Bliss Army Base.

    The Dripping Springs Natural Area has over four miles of easy hiking trails, including the Dripping Springs Trail, which shows off desert scrub and low elevation pinon-juniper and oak woodlands. The area also boasts excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, including excellent year-round viewing of red-tailed hawk, Gambel’s quail, golden eagle and rock squirrel, and the occasional sightings of mountain lion. 

    The mining town of Lake Valley was founded in 1878 after silver was discovered. Almost overnight, the small frontier town blossomed into a major settlement with a population of 4,000 people. Today, silver mining has played out and all that remains is a ghost town. BLM has restored the schoolhouse and chapel. The restored schoolhouse provides a glimpse of what schooling in a rural area was like in the early 20th century.

    The high wall, needle-like spires of the Organ Mountains curve dramatically around a semicircle of Chihuahuan Desert habitat at the Aguirre Spring Campground. The campground, nestled at the base of spectacular cliffs, overlooks the Tularosa Basin and White Sands National Monument.  Seasonal springs and streams occur in the canyon bottoms, with a few perennial springs that support riparian habitats.

    The Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area is located in the south-central portion of New Mexico on the eastern edge of Las Cruces. The Organ Mountains range from 4,600 to just over 9,000 feet, and are so named because of the steep, needle-like spires that resemble the pipes of an organ.  The area includes two national recreation trails: the Baylor Pass Trail and the Pine Tree Trail.


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