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    Don’t Sam and Spud look cute together?!  Did you know that you can adopt your own wild horse or burro from the Bureau of Land Management?  

    The BLM uses its Adoption Program as the primary tool to place these iconic animals into private care. The horses and burros available for adoption come from overpopulated Herd Management Areas where vegetation and water could become scarce if too many animals, including wildlife and livestock, use the area. 

    Many people have found it personally challenging and rewarding to adopt a wild horse or burro. Additionally, it is a chance to care for, and then own, a part of America’s heritage. The BLM has placed more than 230,000 wild horses and burros into private care since 1971. Many of those animals have become excellent pleasure, show, or work horses.

    Learn more at .  You can also view Sam and Spud’s video at 


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