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    Rockets on the Playa 

    Students of the University of Washington met on the Playa of the BLM’s Black Rock Field Office, Winnemucca District to build, fly and gather data from rockets built as part of an interdisciplinary class.  The students designed and built the electronics packages and their own rockets, and attempted to fly them for university credit.

    "This was a great opportunity to bring together students of different specialties and get them to understand the difficulties that each experiences within the same discipline," said Professor Robert Winglee, Chair, Department of Earth and Space Sciences of the University of Washington. "A fully functional flight system is our goal and that can only be achieved by working together." Two rockets, dubbed the ‘Penetrator’, were funded by a grant from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts. The rockets were built to study the impacts generated on landing and the flight data will be analyzed and shared with NASA.

    “This is one of the many interesting Special Recreation Permits that we issue throughout the year “, said Gene Seidlitz, WDO District Manager. “Knowing that this event will help build future scientists makes permits such as this important for us and the country and we are proud to be a small part if this process.”


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