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    In February of 2012, the Bureau of Land Management purchased 431 acres known as Fisher Bottoms along the South Fork of the Snake River, Idaho as part of The Land and Water Conservation Fund program.

    A historical ranch complex sits on the property and is comprised of six standing structures representing early homesteading and ranching in Idaho. These structures are associated with the Fisher family and well-known author of the frontier Americana genre, Vardis Fisher. Although modifications have taken place since the original construction, the structures represent a historical and cultural landscape associated with homesteading in the West. Several of these structures are in need of preservation work, including but not limited to: stabilization, restoration, and maintenance. Conservation work on these historical structures will allow for a partnership between the BLM and a variety of organizations, special interests groups, and diverse and local communities. 

    Marissa Guenther is the Lead Archaeologist on the project and works for the BLM’s Upper Snake Field Office in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    Watch a great BLM video about the history and restoration of this piece of American history:

    -Samantha Storms


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