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    Kids Touch History with “Discovery Trunks”

    Did you know that BLM-Utah has “Discovery Trunks” available for check-out? These trunks, created through a partnership between BLM-Utah and the Grand Staircase Escalante Partners, are excellent educational tools and a big hit with kids. The wheeled crates contain archaeological, geological and paleontological materials (mostly replicas) that students can pick up, feel, and pass around. The kits include lesson plans and activity books that fulfill Utah state education standards and objectives. You don’t have to be an ‘ologist to teach out of these trunks.

    The BLM thanks GSEPartner’s Education Specialist Wade Parsons for designing and assembling these impressive toolkits. An archaeologist himself, he left no stone or bone unturned when he created the lessons and materials. The Discovery Trunks are a tremendous asset to our agency and educators statewide. The new kits are housed at field offices throughout Utah, and your choices are Ancestral Puebloan archaeology, Fremont archaeology, and Paleontology. Interested? Contact the youth coordinator in your local BLM or Monument office for more information.


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      These are truly awesome, and are giving me ideas for the health education kits I hope to make in the next year.
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