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    Desert Sandwort

Photo by Jeanne Tinsman Desert Paintbrush

Photo by Jeanne Tinsman Green Ephedra

Photo by Chelise Simmons Yellow Cryptantha

Photo by Chelise Simmons

    Red Rock Canyon Blooms

    In a year that has had good rainfall at the appropriate time, a springtime drive out to Cottonwood Valley in Nevada can be worthwhile if it’s wildflowers you’re searching for.

    A hike along the Dead Horse Loop trail had us crouching next to the trail and in nearby washes to get photos. Of course there are Desert Paintbrush to see, but we were also interested those that were harder to spot. This included rarer sights such as Groundsel, Prince’s Plume, Gooding’s Verbena, Showy Goldeneye, Yellow Cryptantha and Desert Sandwort. It has been a great year for Ephedra, as most plants are blooming heavily.  On the way back down after temperatures had risen a bit, we came across many Northern White-Skipper and Sagebrush Checkerspot butterflies pollinating the Mojave Goldenbush.


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