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This is an official tumblr for the Bureau of Land Management. Follow the next generation of BLMers as they share their experiences on the public lands.

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    It’s National Love a Tree Day!

    Approximately 69 million acres of diverse forests and woodlands are managed by the BLM throughout the western United States, including more than 3.5 million acres in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. The BLM’s largest forest management program is in western Oregon.

    BLM forest lands in Oregon and Washington are administered under two management programs. One program is for historic Oregon and California Railroad grant lands in western Oregon that are managed under the O&C Lands Act of 1937. The other is for public domain lands, also known as “PD” lands, generally found in eastern Oregon and Washington. The objective of the O&C program is to manage for a sustained yield of forest products and qualities needed to contribute to the economic stability of local communities and to the continuing health and values of forests


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      It’s actually May 16th, but really any day is a good day to love a tree.
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      You know what I love? Trees. Love ‘em. But having spent a fair amount of time in the PNW, I’m not too sure I love BLM’s...
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