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    It was my first time participating at Jarvie Fest, but it won’t be my last! Every spring, the Vernal Field Office and its partners celebrate Utah Archaeology Week by hosting a variety of fun, educational activities at the historic John Jarvie Ranch. 

    Jarvie Fest’s cultural heritage displays offered exciting demonstrations and hands-on activities that appealed to hundreds of visitors. Kids loved throwing spears using an atlatl, a weapon pre-dating the bow and arrow. They also enjoyed grinding corn with a mano and metate, and creating their own rock art using sun-varnished rock slabs and horseshoe nails.  A flint-knapper showed how Native Americans created stone tools.

    Other stations included lassoing, candle-making, rope braiding, an old fashioned photography booth complete with Wild West costumes, and a blacksmith who made neat metal trinkets. Everyone who attended had a great time, and I can’t wait for next year.

    For more information visit:

    Written by Alec Bryan; Photographs by Marta Call


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