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    On May 11 and May 18, the Girl Scout Daisies from Troop 727 completed their final task at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to earn a petal for their tunic. Over the past four months, they attended several presentations, went on a hike and became Red Rock Canyon Junior Explorers.

    The last two weekends, 10 girls completed their journey and presented everything they knew about their “adopted” animal to the visitors in the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center. The girls did very well in their presentations on such animals a Kangaroo Rat, Bobcat, Desert Cottontail and Jack Rabbits, Red-Tail Hawks, Desert Tortoise, Burro, Roadrunner and Bighorn Sheep.

    These young ladies were shy to begin with but by the time they were done, they were enthusiastic and had a lot of fun. We hope they return next year as Brownie Girl Scouts and spread the word about animals at Red Rock Canyon.


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