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    Healthy landscape Wildfire control Volunteers planting sagebrush seedlings in fire burned areas Youth working on range fencelines Mule deer Sage-grouse

    Youth Restoration of Habitat Burned by Wildfire Benefits Sage-grouse

    This summer, the BLM’s Twin Falls District in Idaho will conduct habitat restoration throughout the district on areas burned by wildfires in 2011 and 2012 to benefit the sage-grouse, a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act, and other wildlife dependent on sagebrush-steppe habitats. Youth volunteers from communities in south-central Idaho will work with BLM and Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologists and ecologists to implement shrub planting and seed collection projects and will have the opportunity to learn about species biology and ecology, as well as the importance of habitat conservation and restoration. The project activities will foster an appreciation for wildlife, the outdoors and public lands management and will directly benefit sage-grouse, other sagebrush-steppe species and mule deer.

    This amazing project is just one of sixteen collaborative BLM projects operating under the the Department of the Interior’s summer youth employment initiative.

    Photos courtesy BLM Idaho


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