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    Scouts Dedicate Memorial Flag Pole at Fishermen’s Bend

    440 Boy Scouts and adult leaders recently descended upon Fishermen’s Bend Recreation Site in Oregon for the 2013 Willamette District Camporee, where scouts district-wide completed service hours for the park and applied their scouting skills (such as first aid, orienteering and leave no trace).

    At last year’s Camporee, the family of Bruce E. Bell asked to fund a Scout project at Fishermen’s Bend Park in dedication to their father’s memory. Mr. Bell’s daughters, Christy Johnson and Kimberly Bakanec, met with Park Manager Steve Baldwin to discuss possible projects. Christy Johnson stated, “Kim and I chose to complete a project at Fisherman’s Bend because we have fond family memories of camping, fishing, biking and rafting here during the early 1980s.” The sisters chose to replace the flag pole on top of the nature center’s metal roof with a ground level flag pole, so that the staff could raise and lower the flag without endangering themselves.

    The pinnacle of this year’s three day event was a special Memorial Dedication Flag Ceremony. Boy Scouts and leaders stood at attention at the new flag pole as Boy Scout Troop #150, dressed in full uniform, red berets, white gloves and belts, and polished black shoes, led the honor guard flag raising ceremony. Troop #150, from Dallas, Oregon, specializes in leading flag ceremonies for large events. Two of Mr. Bell’s grandsons carried the flag and helped raise it. The immediate family and current Fishermen’s Bend staff were on hand to witness the event. As Boy Scout Troop #150 issued “Company at Ease,” command, the witnesses erupted in applause.

    Story and Photos by Park Staff, Fishermen’s Bend Recreation Site, BLM-Oregon Salem District


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