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    Photo by Yanavey McCloskey Photo by Chad Douglas Photo by Chad Douglas

    My First Wilderness Experience 

    I started my hike from the Wire Pass Trailhead, heading towards the famous Wave formation. Initially, I was most excited about reaching and seeing the Wave, but along the way I discovered the pleasure of exploring the untouched landscape of the Paria Canyon Wilderness Area.

    Like most people, I often focus on getting from point A to point B, without truly enjoying the journey. However, the vastness of the Wilderness Area took me by surprise; I felt small and humbled by the always present large sandstone formations watching over me, as I traversed through unmarked pathways. Every step afforded me with another breathtaking view. Many of the natural rock structures found throughout the area have an austerity and beauty that I’ve found nowhere else.

    The Paria Canyon Wilderness Area is more than just the attraction of the Wave; it is a place to commune with nature. Those looking to have a wilderness experience should know that there are no developed trails and no facilities for water or a restroom, so being prepared with lots of water, sun protection, appropriate clothes and other necessities is extremely important. There were many times I would have gotten lost, but my map and hiking buddies (I don’t recommend going alone) helped me to orient myself. This experience will be hard to top, but I am eager to continue exploring Wilderness Areas.

    Story: Yanavey McCloskey, UT Color Country District Public Affairs Assistant; Photos: Yanavey McCloskey and Chad Douglas


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