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    Secretary Jewell Hikes Utah with DOI Employees

    On June 29, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell spent the morning with DOI employees on BLM lands in the Oquirrh Mountains of Utah.  Before leaving on the hike to Barney’s Peak, Secretary Jewell spoke about her love for the outdoors and the work that Interior employees are doing in the field.

    "I might have the biggest office in Washington, D.C., thanks to Harold Ickes [the Interior secretary under Franklin D. Roosevelt], but I like yours much better," said Jewell.

    An avid mountain climber, Jewell made the 3,000-foot ascent chatting with BLM staffers like fire investigator Teresa Rigby, fuels specialist Brad Washa, recreation planner Roxanne Tea and firefighter Ethan Hill. 

    Echoing her message delivered the day before at the Annual Meeting of the Western Governor’s Associaton in Park City, Utah, Secretary Jewell discussed balanced management of public lands and the economic importance of activities such as outdoor recreation, travel and tourism, and responsible energy development to local communities throughout the West.

    "Is the resource being managed in a way that supports not just now but our children and our grandchildren, and also our economy? If I can help make that happen because of the people on the ground here and let them get the recognition," Jewell said, "I would be delighted."

    View more photos from the hike:


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