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    In today’s Summer Bucket List series, we take you hiking in Montana’s Humbug Spires.

    The Wedge, the Nose, the Crown and Mutt and Jeff are just a few of the rock-climbing features of the Humbug Spires which jut like cathedral towers from the forest between Dillon and Butte, Montana. Impressive outcroppings of quartz monzonite, part of the Boulder Batholith, rise 300 to 600 feet and provide outstanding climbing opportunities, most of which range from 5.5 to 5.7 in difficulty, although routes to challenge all levels of ability are present.  

    You don’t have to have ropes and pitons to enjoy the Humbug Spires, however.  A six-mile round-trip trail to the base of the Wedge offers a great day’s outing for hikers who pass through meadows, along crystal-clear streams and up through boulder-strewn forests on their way to the white granite towers.  Moose, mule deer, elk, black bear, porcupine, and hawks are just some of the creatures who will keep you company along the way.
    Learn more to plan your visit:


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