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    Full Moon Hike

    It is incredible what your body can do. I was camping on BLM land, on the outskirts of Great Basin National Park , NV, when the “super moon” was out last month.  That was also the first full-moon hike being offered by the park this season, and I was sure to jump on the occasion.

    We started our trek to Stella Lake, a 2 mile easy-moderate hike round-trip, with the 33 other visitors who’d signed up for the free event. We’d met the Ranger at the Summit trailhead and briefly introduced ourselves, learning that our hiking companions spanned from coast-to-coast with visitors from California to North Carolina, despite placing in the top 10 least visited National Parks in 2012. The Ranger also politely asked us to refrain from using any flash photography or flashlights during the hike, and although there were some slipups, this made all the difference!

    As the sun went down and the moon came up, my eyes effortlessly adjusted to the darkness, swiftly spotting deer and the roots protruding from the trail. The full moon helped 13,063 foot Wheeler Peak gaze at itself in the still lake, helped me imagine the times before artificial light came to be, and reminded me of truly how amazing our bodies are.

    Great Basin National Park’s next Full Moon Hikes are scheduled for July 22, August 20, and September 30th, but you can take advantage of the full moon glimmer wherever you may find yourselves!

    -Story and photos by Iris Picat


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