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This is an official tumblr for the Bureau of Land Management. Follow the next generation of BLMers as they share their experiences on the public lands.

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    Northwest Passage brings the Summer in our 15th issue! 

    Featuring the following stories from our magazine about your public lands in Oregon & Washington:

    - There’s no bridge to these islands!  But once you get there, Washington’s San Juan Islands National Monument promises unparalleled peace, beauty, and adventure.

    - In Oregon, an outdoor air crash museum honors the memory of WWII and Vietnam-era military pilots whose aircraft went down during training exercises and made this land their final descent.

    - Also the return of snowy plovers, a river trail that became a movie star, and a million-dollar mustang.

    - Plus our usual links to videos, photos, and lots more.

    Thanks for reading – and see ya on your public lands this summer!


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