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    On today’s Summer Bucket List, we cool off at the beautiful Kanarraville Falls in Utah.

    Summer brings soaring temperatures with some places reaching triple digits! Intense heat can make going out and enjoying the great outdoors difficult and uncomfortable, except when the destination is Kanarraville Falls located just outside of Kanarraville, Utah. 

    Kanarraville Falls is a popular hike which starts on BLM land, within the Spring Creek Wilderness Study Area, and continues through Kanarra Creek Canyon. The canyon is pleasant and offers spectacular hiking along the creek bottom. Hikers can experience stunning narrows and red rock canyons as they slosh through ankle to knee deep water.  There are three main waterfalls along the trail. The first just 1.5 miles from the start of the trail and the remaining two waterfalls are just within a quarter mile of the first, making this a fairly easy hike.

    By Yanavey McCloskey


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