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    Wall Canyon, Nevada by Bob Wick, #mypubliclands Instagram Guest Photo Editor

    About the photo: Fall colors are another excellent subject for backlighting. Here I pointed my lens near the point of the rising sun which lit this aspen stand so that it seemed to be on fire with color. Had I walked around to the other side of the stand and photographed with the sun behind me, the colors would not have been nearly as intense. Fall colors in the west are visible from mid-September in the northern Rockies to mid-November in parts of California. Numerous web sites can be found on the internet that provide fall color updates.

    About the area: The Wall Canyon Wilderness Study Area is located 30 miles southeast of Cedarville, California. Small stands of aspens here in the higher elevations of Northeast California and Northwest Nevada usually reach peak color in early-mid October. The area is accessible by 4-WD vehicles from May-November depending on snowpack.

    Camera settings: lens focal length:70 mm, shutter speed:  ¼ second , aperture: f 13 ISO 100


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      A great photo from the National Conservation Lands in Nevada… where the sage grouse live! Read about the sage grouse...
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