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    Ojito Wilderness, New Mexico — Bob Wick

    About this photo: I wanted to maximize my “depth of field” (a term for the amount of your image that is in sharp focus) in this image so that the petroglyphs and the distant mesa were both in focus. This is my favorite type of landscape photo as it looks like you could walk into the image. I used a small aperture (f 16) to do this. Had I used f 4 or f 5.6 only a part of the image could be kept in focus – Note that apertures are fractions so f 16 is a smaller opening than f 4. I also used a wide-angle lens (24 mm) to increase depth of field and capture more of the scene. So to summarize, wide angle lenses and small apertures are needed for maximum depth of field.

    About the area: Ojito Wilderness is only about an hour northwest of Albuquerque and offers opportunities to explore in the many arroyos surrounded by dramatic southwest mesas.

    Camera settings: Lens 24 mm: Shutter speed 1/15 second, aperture: f 16, ISO 100


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