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This is an official tumblr for the Bureau of Land Management. Follow the next generation of BLMers as they share their experiences on the public lands.

All photos government work unless otherwise noted.

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    Attention all photographers!  BLM Nevada is seeking amazing photos from amateur photographers that highlight the best of BLM Nevada’s lands and historical sites in these categories:

    Adventure & Outdoor Recreation - Share photos of your favorite activities and adventures on BLM lands across Nevada – camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, kayaking, skiing, climbing, riding, etc.

    Historical & Cultural - Inspire with images depicting historical locations and cultural events – from national historical sites and monuments to cultural celebrations on federal lands

    Scenic, Seasons & Landscapes - Capture scenic vistas and sweeping landscapes — fall foliage, forests, winter wonderlands, flowers, mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes, beaches, rivers, and more.

    Wildlife - Take a walk on the wild side with photos of wildlife on BLM lands – mammals, birds, insects, reptiles. Keep your distance and stay safe!



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