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    Black Rock Canyon High Rock Desert Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area Nevada — Bob Wick, Instagram Guest Photographer 

    About the photo: The normally remote and uninhabited Black Rock Desert comes alive in late summer with an incomparable display of art and festivities known as Burning Man. For this image I had no problem finding an interesting foreground! I just had to capture the moon at a proper exposure so the detail was still visible.  Getting good moon photos is a matter of timing – Only during a couple day window around the full moon (and new moon if you want to capture the crescent) is there enough light in the sky to illuminate the land and show detail in the moon. Otherwise camera picks up bright white spot in dark night with no detail. If you don’t use a telephoto (at least 100 mm), moon will be too small to be much of a focal point. 

    About the area: The area protects about 120 miles of the emigrant trails through the vast Black Rock Desert and then winding through the narrow gorge of High Rock Canyon. Wagon ruts, inscriptions and other remnants of the grueling trek through the desert are visible to photographers willing to rough it and travel along the areas 4-WD routes.

    Camera settings: Lens focal length: 100 mm, shutter speed: 1/350 second, aperture: f 6.7, ISO 400


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