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    On today’s Summer Bucket List, we travel to Fisher Towers in Utah, a BLM National Recreation Trail and one of the most iconic hiking destinations in the entire BLM system of trails.

    The hiking trail hugs the cliffs under the soaring Fisher Towers, the tallest of which is called “The Titan”. The towers are composed of Moenkopi and Cutler sandstones, and have eroded into many fantastical shapes. Hike this trail and you’ll find yourself in a location which has “starred” in many movies and commercials, from John Wayne’s Commancheros and Wagon Train to Billy Crystal’s City Slickers II and John Carter of Mars.

    The Fisher Towers trail is 2.2 miles long (4hrs round-trip) and features a ladder which helps hikers negotiate a difficult section. Off in the distance you see the Colorado River, Castle Valley, Fisher Mesa, and the Book cliffs of eastern Utah. 

    Trail Directions: Off Utah Scenic Byway 128. At 21 miles east of the Utah 128/US 191 junction, turn right and go 2.2 miles on an improved dirt road to a parking lot.

    Route Description: From the parking lot, the trail goes down a short set of steps and then runs to the left out onto a small slickrock-covered ridge. Follow the ridge away from the main cliffs until just after it narrows and then go left down into the ravine through a small cut on the left side of the ridge. From the bottom of the ravine, the trail heads steeply up and then begins to wind directly beneath the Fisher Towers. After swinging around the largest tower, The Titan, the trail ascends and ends on a ridge with a panoramic view.

    Note: This trail has a western exposure and can be exceptionally hot on summer afternoons. Neither mountain bikes nor motorized vehicles are allowed on this trail.


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