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    The Day a Wedding Ring was Lost

    When I saw Kanarraville Falls on the Summer Bucket List, I immediately added it to my personal one.  Photos of the ember-like slot canyons made my heart tug in envy, and I assure you that they did not disappoint.

    Four of us headed out around 10 a.m. chatting about the intricacies involved in managing this trail between three entities: State, Private, and BLM. This discussion quickly abated once we’d crossed the first stream, and the lush green trees took over the landscape. We were abuzz with excitement.

    Unfortunately, not much intentional splashing was involved, but the waterfalls at both the ladders managed to get some of us pretty good! Thankfully, with it being a hot day, the cool water was appreciated, and we continued on our journey up and down hills, through tall green grasses, and in ankle-deep waters.

    As we made our way back to the second set of falls, the two men in the group were eager to try out the tall natural algae-covered slide (I was only convinced to do the tad bit smaller one further down the path). As one of them splashed into the shallow pool on his 3rd time down, he looked up in anguish, “my wedding ring just slipped off!” Other visitors became onlookers as we sifted for gold. Finally, the other guy in our group presented his hands full of pebbles and sand, and there it was: a glistening round object. This was also the day a wedding ring was found.

    Story: Iris Picat; Photos: Chad Douglas & Iris Picat


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