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    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    This is a question most people have been asked at least once but I wanted to share an excerpt from a letter I wrote in 6th grade to my future self.

    I received this letter in the mail when I graduated from high school. In it I state that my goals are to go through college and become an archaeologist or a paleontologist. Archaeologists look at artifacts and sites to investigate how people lived in the past while paleontologists look at animals, including dinosaurs, and plant fossils to study life in the geologic past. My interest in becoming a paleontologist was just a phase, but my interest in becoming an archaeologist stuck with me throughout the years.

    I am happy to say I achieved my 6th grade goals when I received my master’s degree and became a BLM Field Office Archaeologist here in Pocatello, Idaho. My spelling might not have been great, but at least I knew what I wanted in life even from a young age. I’m thankful my teacher had us do this assignment because it is fun to look back!

    Wishing everyone a fun school year!

    -Amy Lapp


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