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    Mike Shaw, Environmental Education Coordinator for Hawkwatch, holds a Red-Tailed Hawk prior to releasing it back to the wild. Wildlife biologist Cameron Collins holds a Goshawk that has been collected at Hawkwatch International's research station in the Goshute Peak Wilderness Study Area. A North American Cooper's Hawk stares down Gerry Miller, Project Manager, after being collected at the Hawkwatch International's research station in the Goshute Peak Wilderness Study Area.

    A Hawkwatch field trip for the Wells Field Office staff, Nevada 

    On Monday September 16th, the Wells Field Office staff visited the Hawkwatch International Research Site in the Goshute Peak Wilderness Study Area (WSA). 

    Julie Rodman, archaeologist; Cam Collins, wildlife biologist; Gerry Miller, project manager; and Bruce Thompson, wild horse specialist made the 2.5 mile, 1,800 foot climb to the top of the ridge overlooking Christmas Tree Canyon with wonderful views of the Great Salt Lake Desert to the east and the Ruby Mountains to the west. 

    Along with the Hawkwatch volunteer staff, the Wells team helped to count, band, document and release over 70 various birds of prey including Red Tail Hawks, Goshawks, Kestrels, and a Merlin among others. 

    The Goshute range is one of a collection of ranges that make up the North American interior flyway which provide the lift necessary for these birds to make their migration south to Central and South America. The research station is open daily to the public from mid-August to the end of October/beginning of November depending on the weather. The ultimate highlight of the day came from a pair of Golden Eagles that were spotted over the Pequop range flying south toward warmer climates.

    -Lesli Ellis, Winnemucca District Public Affairs Officer, BLM Nevada


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