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    Effigy AHC # 78.1.5MT2161.77.3.0

    This Early Pueblo Gray human foot effigy was excavated as part of the Dolores Archaeological Program. We have another human foot effigy (AHC # 2002.38.5MT4007.RC12) in our collection that was found at a separate site in Montezuma County. Despite being found miles apart, one in the Dolores Valley and the other on Summit Ridge, the two feet look like they could be from the same vessel. Although that seems unlikely, chemical analysis could tell us for sure.

    This artifact was recently inventoried as part of Phase II of our Dolores Archaeological Program Collections Preservation, Access and Education Project. The project is funded through a State Historical Fund Grant from History Colorado.

    -BLM Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and Anasazi Heritage Center


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