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    The Old Spanish Trail Adventure!

    Today, four BLMers from Utah will embark on a unique adventure, traveling over 400 miles of the Old Spanish Trail in Utah. The team will document their travels as they hike, bike, drive, horseback ride and camp along the historical route, and you can follow along Tumblr as, well as on Twitter and Instagram using #OSTadventure.

    The journey will begin in southwest Utah on Monday, Nov. 4, and conclude in southeast Utah on Nov. 8. Throughout the trek, the team will be accompanied by Old Spanish Trail Association members and BLM archaeologists, rangeland specialists and recreation planners. Together, they will visit historic inscriptions, archaeological sites and cultural landscapes associated with the Trail.

    The trip aims to inspire the next generation of public land users (ages 18-35) to experience the Old Spanish National Historic Trail for themselves and discover its rich culture, history, beauty and adventure. 

    The team will highlight recreation resources adjacent to the Trail such as the Kokopelli bike trail in Moab, Cottonwood Canyon in the San Rafael Swell, historic inscriptions from early Utah explorers, petroglyphs left by Native Americans and historic traces of early Utah travel routes. The trip is planned with the help of multiple BLM field offices and the Utah chapter of the Old Spanish Trail Association.

    The Old Spanish National Historic Trail, designated in 2002, served as an important trade route from 1829-1850, linking Santa Fe and Los Angeles across six states and 2,700 miles. The trail passes through red rock mesas, below snow-capped peaks and skirts the continent’s harshest deserts near Death Valley. The Trail is jointly administered by the BLM and the National Park Service.


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