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    Meet Whitney Kroschel, Bureau of Land Management-Nevada’s NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Technician in Winnemucca. 

    Q: How long have you been with the BLM in Winnemucca? What made you choose to come here? 

    A: I’ve been with the Winnemucca BLM since August 2012. I moved here from Minnesota and before that I had spent very little time out West. I was interested in the job opportunity and did not know very much about Nevada. I knew that by moving out here I would learn so much about the West and the BLM. It was the right choice, and it has been an adventure ever since.

    Q: What’s something that you have learned about public lands while you have been at your job?

    A: Compared to the other states, Nevada has the greatest percentage of state territory managed by the federal government, i.e., about 80% of Nevada is public land. (BLM public lands make up about 67 percent of Nevada’s land base.)

    Q: What’s one thing you want the public to know about the Winnemucca District?

    A: The Winnemucca District issues the largest special recreation permit in the U.S. – for Burning Man.

    Q: What is an interesting fun fact about yourself?

    A: I was a NCAA Division II collegiate pole vaulter from 2006 to 2010.


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