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    Valley of Fires Recreation Area. BLM Valley of Fire Recreation Area Manager Albert Najar, Johnson Stearns and BLM Roswell Field Manager Chuck Schmidt.

    BLM Roswell Volunteer Retires After 20,000 Hours

    At 96 years old, one man decided it might be time to hang up his spurs and retire. On Feb. 6, 2014, the Bureau of Land Management’s Roswell Field Office in New Mexico was proud to recognize Johnson Stearns’ outstanding dedication to service at the Valley of Fires Recreation Area. Every day, over the course of 16 years, Johnson demonstrated his passion and deep connection to the land, resources and his community.

    Throughout his service, Johnson served as a site host and the resident storyteller for visitors that had traveled from all over the world to stay at the area. His personal touch was essential in the area being recognized, at one point, as the number one location for customer service within the BLM. Johnson’s service promoted the BLM as well as the rich, local history of Carrizozo, New Mexico. When you add it all up, Johnson’s total service with the BLM was approximately 20,000 hours, which has an in-kind value of approximately $435,200! 

    However, the truth is that his work as a volunteer in the recreation program constituted an invaluable contribution to our land management efforts and the people we serve. 


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